Can exercises help relieve fibromyalgia pain?


For patients living with fibromyalgia, the widespread musculoskeletal pain that people endure can make each day a trying experience. When your muscles constantly seem fatigued, it can feel like you have always just finished running a marathon. Resting to try and feel better may be your first inclination, but you might also be wondering if exercise can actually help relieve fibromyalgia pain.

Exercise benefits for fibromyalgia

The short is answer is yes, exercise can definitely help fibromyalgia pain. There are many benefits to exercising for fibromyalgia pain including:

  • Better sleep
  • Less muscle fatigue and pain
  • Release of endorphins to improve mood and reduce stress
  • Weight maintenance to help reduce fibromyalgia symptoms

The trick is to not get discouraged at first. Often, fibromyalgia symptoms may feel worse immediately after starting a new exercise routine. After your body adapts to the new exercise regimen, the benefits of exercise will start to outweigh that initial extra soreness.

Type of exercise good for fibromyalgia

The slightly longer explanation of whether exercise can help relieve fibromyalgia pain is that it depends on the types of exercise that you are doing. High intensity workouts, lifting or long distance running can be stressful on the body and make fibromyalgia pain symptoms worse.

Aim for low impact or low intensity exercises to help relieve your fibromyalgia pain. Walking around the block may be your starting point before increasing the distance gradually to a mile or more. Swimming is another excellent low impact option for exercise. The water naturally relaxes the body and eases pressure on the muscles and joints. Yoga or pilates can build strength and flexibility. These exercise programs can also be altered to fit your skill level or physical limitations you may have.

Physical therapy for fibromyalgia

Physical therapy is another excellent option for treating fibromyalgia pain. The physical therapist can work with you to develop an exercise and treatment plan to help meet your goals. He or she can also monitor your progress and motivate you to keep putting forth your best effort.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia pain and are interested in exploring your treatment options, including exercise, contact us today to set up your initial appointment.