fibromyalgia symptoms

Why do fibromyalgia symptoms seem worse at night?

April 10th, 2019

Fibromyalgia can be a debilitating condition where pain of the nerves and muscles can make any movement nearly impossible. The pain signals processed by the brain are amplified in patients with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia attacks can happen at any time, so why does it seem like fibromyalgia symptoms seem worse at night? The link between sleep

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Fibromyalgia treatment in Las Cruces

Fibromyalgia treatment in Las Cruces, NM

April 2nd, 2019

Fibromyalgia is the widespread feeling of pain and fatigue in the muscles. Affecting up to 3 million people, fibromyalgia pain can make something as simple as sleep extremely difficult. This condition is more likely to affect women than men, but doctors are not sure why this is. While there is no cure for fibromyalgia, the

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Best fibromyalgia doctors in El Paso, TX

February 9th, 2019

Fibromyalgia is widespread pain and weakness throughout the muscles and nerves. Fatigue, uncomfortable tingling and other symptoms accompany this disease which affects upward of three million Americans. When seeking treatment for fibromyalgia in El Paso, Texas, you want to find the best doctors possible to treat you. Questions you should ask the doctor Asking the

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