Chronic Headache Treatment in Horizon City, TX

Chronic Headache Treatment

If you’re in desperate need of chronic headache treatment in Horizon City, Texas, then an excellent physical therapists may be the best choice to assist you in dealing with this condition.

Our team of physical therapists at Border Therapy Services in Horizon City, TX is the dedicated and friendly team you need. We are ready to help you with all of your physical therapy needs, including helping treat your chronic headaches.

Benefits of chronic headache treatment

You may believe that chronic headache treatment focuses on your head or face, which is where some people think headaches start. What you may not know is that chronic headaches are usually linked to some form of neck issue.

Neck issues that result in chronic headaches can be caused by things like poor posture, unhealthy diet and bending over your desk for too long.

To help you treat these causes of chronic headaches, Border Therapy Services will create a treatment plan that may help you find relief. Our team of physical therapists will use physical therapy methods in this plan such as:

  • Flexibility exercises that target your neck and neck supporting body structures
  • Strength building exercises for your neck muscles
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Ultrasound therapy

By using these and other methods, we will put together your customized chronic headache treatment plan.

How Border Therapy Services treats chronic headaches

The first step in this process is an examination with one of our physical therapists to determine what is causing your pain.

Once we determine the cause of your headaches, we work with you to create and execute a treatment plan that may help you find relief.

If you live in or near Horizon City, TX and you would like to learn more about the chronic headache treatment services we offer or to schedule an initial evaluation, contact the Border Therapy Services team of physical therapists now.

If Horizon City is a little too far for you, visit our website to see which of our eight locations is nearest you.