El Paso, Texas’ Border Therapy Services Treats Bursitis

Border Therapy Services Treats Bursitis

If you live in El Paso, Texas and you have shoulder pain, you’ll need an experienced team to diagnose the cause of your pain. Border Therapy Services has a dedicated physical therapists that can help you diagnose and treat your shoulder pain, among other conditions.

Bursitis treatment plan at Border Therapy Services

Bursitis is a condition that causes the fluid-filled sacs in your joints, known as bursae, become inflamed. In your shoulder, bursitis is commonly found between the top of the arm bone and the tip of the shoulder bone.

The inflammation of the bursae causes a shrinking of the space in your shoulder between these two bones, limiting the space that your muscles and tendons have to move.

Inflammation-induced shrinking and the rubbing together of your shoulder tendons, muscles and bones that it causes that results in you experiencing pain in your shoulder.

If you have bursitis, seeking physical therapy as treatment could help you find relief.

The physical therapists at Border Therapy Services can help you deal with the pain of your bursitis by creating a personalized treatment plan for you that includes a variety of physical therapy elements. Some of the treatment plan elements that our team uses to treat the pain of bursitis include:

  • Active shoulder motion techniques
  • Passive range of motion exercises
  • Cold therapy
  • Scapular stabilization techniques
  • Electrical stimulation

By using techniques such as these, the Border Therapy Services team of physical therapy specialists will be better able to come up with a personalized physical therapy plan for your shoulder pain treatment.

Border Therapy Services can help you with all your physical therapy needs

The treatment plan process at the Border Therapy Services always starts the same way.

First, our team of physical therapists will perform an initial evaluation of your condition to help determine what is causing your shoulder pain.

After this evaluation is complete, our physical therapy specialists will then work with you to create a comprehensive and personalized physical therapy plan that addresses your bursitis directly.

If you live in El Paso, Texas and would like additional information about elements of our shoulder pain treatment plans or to schedule an initial evaluation, contact the team at Border Therapy Services today.

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