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Fibromyalgia physical therapy found in Horizon City, TX

Fibromyalgia Physical Therapy

You wake up unrefreshed after a poor night’s sleep, and you immediately feel that constant undercurrent of pain. For people with fibromyalgia, these symptoms can be an everyday thing. This chronic pain condition can make it harder for you to function normally, but there are treatment options that can help your symptoms. One option you should look into is the fibromyalgia physical therapy available near you in Horizon City, Texas. 

1.   Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

If you have fibromyalgia, you’ve probably wished for some way to decrease your pain. Well, a physical therapist may be able to grant your wish with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). Also called electrical stimulation, TENS is a technique that makes use of low-level electrical pulses. These pulses are created by special machine. They’re then sent through wires and enter your body through electrode pads on your skin. It’s not entirely clear how this helps treat pain, but some researchers think that the pulses interrupt the pain signals being sent from the nerves to the brain. 

2.   Aquatic therapy

Water is a useful tool for physical therapists because it has many qualities that can benefit patients. This includes patients with fibromyalgia. For one thing, this liquid has a force that you may have used to float around the pool, and this force is called buoyancy. Buoyancy helps reduce the effects of gravity on your body, which can make therapy exercises less painful when you have fibromyalgia. 

Water also has a natural resistance called viscosity that can help fibromyalgia patients fight muscle wasting. By keeping your muscles strong, your body will be better supported and more flexible. The greater flexibility and support can help improve mobility for fibromyalgia patients. Physical therapists make use of both of these characteristics of water in a treatment called aquatic therapy. 

3.   Manual therapy

Like muscle wasting, overly tense muscles can also increase the pain caused by fibromyalgia. This is because tense muscles make moving more difficult. They can also restrict the range of motion in your joints. Physical therapists can help you counteract tense muscles using a category of techniques called manual therapy. 

Manual therapy gets its name from the fact that therapists use their hands to move your body or perform massaging movements. Joint mobilization is one form of manual therapy, and it involves your joints being moved by the therapist in ways you may not be able to move them on your own. These movements aren’t designed to move the joint beyond its normal range of motion, but it can help restore normal motion to patients with fibromyalgia. 

Find out more about fibromyalgia physical therapy at Border Therapy Services

Fibromyalgia patients in Horizon City should try out the physical therapy available near you, and Border Therapy Services has just the team to help you with this type of treatment. We offer personalized treatment plans for fibromyalgia that use the most effective possible techniques, and our plans are intended to provide you with benefits like: 

  • Reduced pain
  • Improved mobility
  • Greater ability to do normal activities

Don’t wait any longer to get help for your fibromyalgia. Contact our team in Horizon City today for more information or to schedule an appointment.