Fibromyalgia treatment methods we use in Las Cruces, NM

Fibromyalgia Treatment

Border Therapy Services offers physical therapy-based fibromyalgia treatment in Las Cruces, New Mexico. One thing that may encourage you to choose our treatment is understanding more about the methods we use. 

Our team offers many types of physical therapy in Las Cruces, New Mexico. We’ve developed a reputation for being able to help you with everything from sprains to chronic headaches. We’re able to treat such a wide array of physical issues thanks to our many evidence-based therapies. It’s exactly these helpful therapies that are included in our fibromyalgia treatment plans for Las Cruces, New Mexico patients. 

Cardio as part of your fibromyalgia treatment plan

As we’ve said, evidence-based therapies are what we use in fibromyalgia treatments at Border Therapy Services. However, our team is aware that you may not be sure what these therapies are. Evidence-based therapies are ones that were originally designed by medical professionals, and they’re used to target specific symptoms of your condition. These therapies have also been extensively tested on other patients with fibromyalgia to ensure they deliver positive results. 

One of the evidence-based therapy methods our team uses for fibromyalgia treatment is cardio. We use this type of exercise to help treat your condition in several ways. 

For instance, our team knows that cardiovascular exercise is a great tool to improve your blood flow. We also know that it’s helpful for reducing stress that may lead to fibromyalgia pain. At Border Therapy Services, we commonly make use of low-impact cardiovascular exercises for these reasons. For example, we may include forms of cardio such as treadmill walking or jogging or aquatic therapy into your treatment plan. 

Another form of evidence-based treatment we may use to treat your fibromyalgia symptoms is therapeutic exercise. This type of exercise focuses on improving your muscular strength and range of motion rather than your cardiovascular fitness. Our team knows that these exercises are another important piece of your treatment because they may help keep you from falling into a cycle where decreased range of motion leads to more pain, which leads to even further decreases in your range of motion and so on. 

The therapeutic exercises we’ll use in your treatment plan are designed to help strengthen the muscles that support your joints. This will, in turn, may help to improve your range of motion and decrease your fibromyalgia pain. 

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Now that you know a little more about our evidence-based treatment methods, you may be ready to try them for yourself. Our Border Therapy Services team is ready to help you get started. We even offer free initial assessments to make it easy for you to begin your treatment process. Scheduling your free assessment is a breeze. All you have to do is contact our Las Cruces, New Mexico office to book your assessment today.