Finding quality physical therapy services in El Paso, TX

Finding Quality Physical Therapy Services

People seek physical therapy services for a wide range of reasons, from postoperative rehabilitation to sports injury recovery to managing age-related conditions like arthritis. Physical therapy can be a fundamental part of a long-term treatment plan for these and many other conditions. By taking a natural approach that seeks to improve mobility and reduce pain, physical therapy can often treat the underlying cause of symptoms, not just mask them.

If you’re trying to find lasting relief through physical therapy services, it is essential to find a quality provider. With multiple clinics in El Paso and a compassionate team of experts with over 100 years of combined experience, Border Therapy Services prides themselves on delivering high-quality care to the people who come to us for relief.

To help you better understand our physical therapy services, we’ve collected the following information. We also encourage you to get in touch with a member of our friendly team if you have questions or want to learn more.

What to expect from Border Therapy Services

From the moment you walk through our doors, it is our mission to put you at the center of care. At your initial appointment, you can expect to:

  • Complete any necessary paperwork.
  • Meet your therapist.
  • Review medical history and previous treatments.
  • Discuss your symptoms and how they’re affecting your life.
  • Talk about potential treatment options, including both in-office and at-home therapies.

Above all, we want you to feel safe and comfortable with your treatment because we understand those qualities are just as important to the healing process as the specific treatment options. We do this by staying committed to one-on-one care that seeks to meet your unique needs as a patient.

The care you deserve in El Paso

We provide manual therapy, dry needling, aquatic therapy, neuro rehab and a full range of other treatment options at our El Paso clinics. We also offer a number of athletic services, including kinesio taping and athletic performance training. No matter what your needs are for physical therapy services, don’t wait another day to start your treatment journey. Contact us today and schedule your initial appointment.