Finding Shoulder Pain Treatment in El Paso, TX

Shoulder Pain Treatment in El Paso TX

If you have shoulder pain and you live near El Paso, TX, you’ll need to find a physical therapy team that personalizes the services it offers to fit your needs.

The Border Therapy Services team is just what you need. Our experienced team knows that every person we treat has a unique condition, and we believe that the shoulder pain treatment plan we create for you should reflect this uniqueness.

How Border Therapy Services in El Paso, TX creates a shoulder pain treatment plan

If you’ve dealt with cookie-cutter shoulder pain treatments in the past, the Border Therapy Services team wants to show you how effective a personalized treatment plan can be.

Our physical therapists know that there are a variety of issues that may be causing your shoulder pain, including:

  • Bursitis
  • rotator cuff injury
  • Pinched nerve
  • Dislocated Shoulder

At Border Therapy Services, our team takes the time to assess you and your injury to determine what is causing your shoulder pain. Our comprehensive evaluation process may include methods such as:

  • Using a goniometer to measure the range of motion of your shoulder
  • The Yergason’s test to check for bicipital tendonitis
  • An Empty Can test to screen for shoulder muscle or tendon injuries

By using these and other tests during your initial evaluation, the team of physical therapy specialists at Border Therapy Services can precisely determine which of your shoulder structures is causing you to seek treatment for shoulder pain.

Border Therapy Services will create a personalized treatment plan for you

At the Border Therapy Services location at 836 Red Road, Suite B, our physical therapy team uses a defined process to create your physical therapy treatment plan.

The first thing that we’ll do is perform an initial evaluation of your injury so that we can determine what is causing your shoulder pain.

Once our initial evaluation is complete, our physical therapy specialists will sit down with you and come up with a personalized treatment plan to address your shoulder pain.

If you live in or near El Paso, Texas and are experiencing shoulder pain, contact the Border Therapy Services team today to learn more about how we create our shoulder pain treatment plans or to schedule an initial evaluation.

Is our 836 Red Road location a little bit far from you? Visit our website to see which of our eight locations is most convenient for you.