Finding Sports Injury Rehab in Horizon City, TX Just Got Easier

Sports injury rehab

Many people have had some sort of accident occur while playing sports that required sports injury rehab. Even something as common as playing a quick game of hoops with your friends or throwing the football or baseball around with your kids can cause an injury. When you have sports-related pain, it’s critical to find the right sports injury rehab team to help you get back to 100 percent.

The Border Therapy team of physical therapists in Horizon City, TX is here to help you with all your physical therapy and sports medicine needs. Our team includes licensed athletic trainers with a thorough knowledge of the latest injury recovery techniques. At Border Therapy, we know that it’s important to understand and avoid the common causes of sports injuries so you don’t have to go through sports injury rehab.

Common causes of sports injuries that lead to sports injury rehab

Sports injury rehab is a tool that is commonly used by professional and amateur athletes alike. Being injured can cause you to be out of the game for months. However, one way that you may be able to reduce or avoid the need for sports injury rehab is to know and avoid the most common causes of sports injuries.

While there are many ways that a sports injury can occur, there are some things that tend to cause them more frequently, which leads to more sports injury rehab occurrences.

  • Not enough warm-up time – One common cause of sports injuries is performing an inadequate warm up. This can take the form of not stretching at all or simply not stretching long enough. It can also mean trying to immediately go full-speed in all of your practice drills. Whatever form it takes, an inadequate warm-up is one way that you may find yourself headed to sports injury rehab.
  • Poor training methods – Another common cause of sports injury is using poor training methods after your warm up. This might mean that you’re not taking enough water breaks to stay properly hydrated, which will cause your muscles and joints to be dehydrated. Or, maybe, your training is missing an important strength-building or conditioning component that results in you being susceptible to a certain type of injury. Any of these poor training methods can result in muscle, tendon or joint damage that can put you in sports injury rehab.

Border Therapy can assist you with sports injury rehab

If you’re looking for a qualified and dedicated team of physical therapists and athletic trainers to assist you with sports injury rehab, our team at Border Therapy in Horizon City, TX is just what you’re looking for. Contact us today to find out more about how we can assist you or to schedule an appointment.