Five qualities to look for in sports injury treatment

Five Qualities to Look for in Sports Injury Treatment

Suffering from a sports injury can be especially frustrating for athletes of any ability level. In addition to the pain and limited mobility of the injury itself, you have to deal with missing out on an activity that brings you excitement and fulfillment. This can lead to a downward spiral that potentially contributes to mental health issues on top of everything else.

What’s worse is that many athletes dealing with injuries try to rush back into action, setting themselves to make the problem worse. This is why it’s critical to seek sports injury treatment from a qualified health care professional such as a physical therapist.

To help, we’re sharing the following practical information about what to look for in a physical therapist for sports injury treatment. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or want to learn more about our options for relief.

Make sure your physical therapist has the following qualities

No matter who you see for sports injury treatment, he or she should meet the following criteria:

  • Has the right credentials — A qualified physical therapist will have received an education from an accredited school and be certified by recognized professional organizations.
  • Is friendly — This is too easy to overlook, but the personal rapport you have with your therapist is critical.
  • Is experienced — Make sure he or she has a background and experience treating sports injuries that are similar to yours.
  • Has a good reputation — In addition to reading online reviews, be sure to ask around to find out if anyone you know has seen this person or been to the same clinic.
  • Works in a high-quality clinic — The practice your therapist works in is often a reflection of the level of care they give. Is the clinic well lit? Are you greeted warmly when you enter? Do people answer your questions? Are the appointments on time?

At Border Therapy Services, we have over 30 highly trained therapists whose mission is to live up to these qualities and provide exceptional care that gets people back to an active lifestyle.

Border Therapy Services provides excellent sports injury treatment

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