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How virtual physical therapy works

virtual physical therapy

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing social distancing and self-isolation to become more normal parts of life, people who need physical therapy for treatment are wondering what they can do. Fortunately, there is a service known as virtual physical therapy that can help.

Virtual physical therapy has been around for a while, but it’s growing in popularity as the need for self-isolation grows. It is a service that allows you to connect one-on-one in live time with a physical therapist to receive treatment for your aches and pains. Take a look below to learn more about how it works.

How does virtual physical therapy work?

  1. You’ll need a communication device — An audio- and video-enabled communication device is vital to virtual physical therapy services. Laptops with built-in webcams, smartphones, tablets and computers with an attached camera are all usable options for virtual physical therapy services. Make sure your device is either plugged in or has a full enough charge for a virtual physical therapy session.
  2. You’ll need an internet connection — Equally important to having a communication device is having a solid internet connection. Make sure your internet is fast enough to handle live video communication and that your modems and routers are all functioning.
  3. You’ll need comfortable clothing — Physical therapists encourage patients to dress comfortable in loose-fitting, athletic clothing when visiting a clinic for treatment. The same goes for you at home when you need virtual physical therapy. Comfortable clothing gives you greater freedom of movement when performing physical therapy exercises and stretches.
  4. You’ll need a clear space — Make sure you have an open space free of clutter so you can safely perform exercises and stretches. Your physical therapist may also ask you to perform some exercises with the assistance of a sturdy chair or countertop. Talk to your physical therapist about what you’ll need for your treatment so you can have everything you need in your space for your treatment. 

Since virtual physical therapy is a live one-on-one connection, you can do more than follow your physical therapist’s instructions and guidance. You can also ask them questions and let them know if you feel like you’re reaching your limit with a treatment. They can provide answers to physical therapy-related questions and make adjustments to your treatment if you feel like you’re reaching your limit. 

Talk to Border Therapy Services about virtual physical therapy

Are you ready to receive the physical therapy you need for aches and pains even if you can’t leave your home for treatment? It’s time to talk to a physical therapist at Border Therapy Services about virtual physical therapy. Contact our team today for more information about virtual physical therapy or to schedule an initial appointment.