Knee pain treatment in El Paso, TX

Knee pain treatment in El Paso

For patients with chronic knee pain, finding effective treatment to get them up and walking again pain-free is vital to their wellbeing. Many people take for granted the ability to walk without a limp until they experience a knee injury. The Trawood office of Border Therapy Service in El Paso, Texas shares some steps you can take to help with your knee pain treatment.

Selecting a good shoe

Our bodies are a complex system of interconnected muscles, bones and tissue, and what we put on our feet can have a great effect on the wear and tear we put on our knees. A good shoe can better absorb the shock of each step and promote the proper alignment of the knees and feet. If you have knee pain, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a good shoe:

  • Find a shoe with excellent cushioning.
  • Avoid high heels and pumps that place extra strain on the knees.
  • Consider adding an orthotic insert to help with support and posture.
  • Check the sole to ensure that there is proper support for the arch of the foot.

A good athletic shoe can aid in your knee pain treatment, as well as helping prevent future wear and tear injuries to the knee.

Keeping it low impact

One of the best ways to help with knee pain treatment is to engage in low-impact exercises. Exercise activities that keep the knee moving, such as walking or swimming, will help improve blood flow to promote healing. Stretching exercises or yoga will aid in building stability and increase range of motion in the joint.

Exercise also benefits you by reducing stress and releasing endorphins that make us feel good. In addition, regular exercise can help maintain a healthy weight which will put less strain on the knees.

Knee pain treatment with Border Therapy Services

The physical therapists of Border Therapy Services are skilled in treating all kind of knee injuries. After performing a thorough evaluation, he or she will develop a personalized treatment program that may include recommendations for your footwear and an aerobic exercise program. If you are in the El Paso area, contact our Trawood office today to schedule your initial appointment and discuss your knee pain treatment options.