Post knee replacement surgery rehab in Horizon City, TX

Knee Surgery Rehab

Like most procedures, knee replacement surgery takes a relatively short period of time, but the recovery period can take months or even a year or longer. Rehabilitation is required because not only is mobility impaired by the surgery itself, but patients also have to relearn how to use the knee after years of impaired functioning.

It’s critical to follow all postsurgical instructions to give yourself the best chance of fully healing and regaining the activity level you’re anticipating. Undergoing physical therapy and rehabilitation with a trained physical therapist is a crucial part of this process. If you have undergone or are undergoing post knee replacement surgery in Horizon City, Texas, we’ve provided the following information to help you better understand rehabilitation techniques.

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Post-surgical rehab for knee replacement

The goal of physical therapy for knee replacement surgery rehab is to help patients regain functioning, stability and range of motion in this joint. A physical therapist will first perform a full evaluation to assess strength, range of motion and balance. He or she can then help with the development of a personalized treatment plan to facilitate the recovery process. Typical steps include:

  • Manual therapy
  • Gentle stretching
  • Instruction on performing daily activities safely
  • Stability and balance exercises
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Massage therapy

Additionally, at-home exercise is another essential part of the post knee replacement surgery rehab process. Follow the instructions you are given carefully and always listen to your body and don’t ignore any sharp or severe pain.

Your Horizon City rehab experts

With decades of collective experience, the highly-trained and credentialed physical therapists at our Horizon City clinic can help you on the road to recovery from knee replacement surgery. Whether you have recently undergone your procedure or are planning your postoperative recovery, we can help you develop an individualized plan. We want to make you feel safe and involved with your treatment.

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