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Providing Physical Therapy Without The Need For Referrals

Border Physical Therapy provides treatment for all parts of the body and overall chronic pain.

EL PASO, Texas  Nov. 1, 2019 – Border Therapy Services and Alliance Physical Therapy Partners are pleased to announce that Texans no longer need a referral to be treated by a physical therapist.

Texas becomes the 49th state to allow patients Direct Access to Physical Therapy. Other states have repeatedly shown the benefits in terms of both positive patient outcomes and financial saving. Texans will now see those benefits as well.

Direct access helps to shorten the window between patient’s first pain, and when they are assessed and begin treatment. Many therapists have a doctorate in their field and are highly trained to notice signs of a condition that may fall outside of scope of our practice, allowing us to make a call in the instance that pain needs the attention of a physician or further imaging.

When patients are seen early, their plan of care can be shorter, number of visits lower: ultimately saving money and time when compared to a progressed state of discomfort. Patients get the peace of mind knowing they’ll be seen by highly trained professionals.

Border Physical Therapy provides treatment for all parts of the body, such as back pain and sciatica, hip, shoulder, elbow, pelvic, neck, foot and ankle pain, headaches, and overall chronic pain.

We operate 10 convenient outpatient clinics near you in the El Paso-Las Cruces area and offer complimentary pain consultations with immediate availability same day or next day appointments.

About Alliance Physical Therapy Partners
Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is focused on acquiring private physical therapy practices across the U.S. to provide practice owners the opportunity to expand their footprint while receiving operational guidance and financial support. The Alliance Physical Therapy Partners team includes former private practice owners, direct marketing professionals and operations experts who have experience running and growing successful healthcare organizations. For more information, visit AlliancePTP.com.

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