Reasons to seek fibromyalgia treatment in Horizon City, TX

Fibromyalgia Treatment

You may be aware that you have fibromyalgia, but you may not be aware of the reasons why seeking fibromyalgia treatment in Horizon City, Texas is a good idea. Border Therapy Services can help you learn some of these reasons. 

Our team has been working with residents in Horizon City, Texas for years now. We’re proud to offer physical therapy for many types of chronic conditions, injuries and issues affecting your body. Our staff has built a reputation for offering the best care for our patients. This reputation is based on things like listening to you during your sessions and asking you about your therapy goals. We also help you find out all the things you need to know about your condition and the therapies we use to treat it. For instance, we can tell you there are several reasons to seek fibromyalgia treatment with us in Horizon City, Texas. 

Understanding why you should consider our fibromyalgia treatment in Horizon City, TX

At Border Therapy Services, our fibromyalgia treatment includes only the best evidence-based therapies. However, this isn’t the only reason you should consider coming to us. Our team knows that one of the worst things about fibromyalgia is that there’s no known cause. What this means for you is that treating your symptoms will be your primary goal if you have this condition. 

Some of you may even question the value of any type of treatment at all, and that’s OK. We’re here to walk you through all of the options available to you 

Our team can assure you that getting physical therapy for your fibromyalgia is a good decision. This is especially true if you consider some of the ways fibromyalgia may affect your life. For instance, we know that fibromyalgia can result in you experiencing extreme fatigue. Fatigue is your body’s natural response to fighting against your fibromyalgia pain, and the more pain you have, the harder your body has to fight. 

Your pain and the fatigue it causes may also lead to other issues, such as extreme mood changes. It’s not hard to figure out why your mood might change. After all, you’ve been experiencing constant pain and tiredness. We know these two issues would be enough to change anyone’s mood, if there was no hope of relieving them. 

Schedule an appointment for fibromyalgia treatment in Horizon City, TX 

Border Therapy Services offers treatments that may help to combat the pain, fatigue and mood changes of fibromyalgia. In fact, you can come down to our Horizon City, Texas office today for a free initial assessment to start off your treatment process. Can’t make it in to see us today? No problem! You can also contact our office online or by phone now to schedule your initial assessment for a time you’re available.