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Reasons to treat knee pain with physical therapy

Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain is a form of pain that many people deal with on a daily basis. One article published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reported that about a quarter of U.S. adults are affected by knee pain at some time in their lives. Knee pain can be the result of a sports, work or car accident injury, or it can be caused by a medical condition like arthritis. No matter the cause, physical therapy can help treat your knee pain. 

Physical therapy techniques used to treat knee pain

Licensed physical therapists have many techniques at their disposal to treat knee discomfort. One technique is a gait analysis, and this allows the therapist to evaluate the cause of your pain. Joint mobilization can also be used to help patients with knee issues. This technique involves the therapist using his or her hands to move your knee in various ways.

Functional dry needling can also help patients who are experiencing knee muscle pain and tension. Therapeutic stretches may also be used to reduce tension in and around the knee, and strengthening exercises can help increase the support provided to the knee joint. Aquatic therapy may also be used to help patients with knee pain.  

Benefits of using physical therapy to treat knee pain

One great thing about using a physical therapy plan to treat your knee pain is that they’re designed to offer many benefits. The most important benefit your plan is intended to offer is reduced pain. It can also help to reduce inflammation in your knee. The techniques in your plan may also be able to help improve the mobility of your knee joint, and this can help increase your ability to perform normal daily tasks. In addition, knee pain therapy is designed to help you recover faster, and it may reduce the likelihood that you’ll need surgery. 

Find out how Border Therapy Services can help you treat knee pain

At our clinics in El Paso and Horizon City, Texas, and Las Cruces, New Mexico, our Border Therapy Services team can help you treat your knee problem. We can create a personalized therapy plan for you, and this plan will include multiple therapy techniques, such as: 

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