Shoulder pain treatment and the role of the empty can test

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Shoulder pain treatment can be very helpful for many types of shoulder injuries. However, our team at Border Therapy Services will need to perform some tests to determine what type of shoulder injury you have. One of the shoulder injury tests we use is the empty can test. 

Our team at Border Therapy Services provides therapy for patients in the El Paso and Horizon City, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico areas. One thing we’re proud of is that we always do our best to use therapy that works directly on your injury. Performing tests to determine how you’ve been injured is a vital part of our ability to provide this targeted therapy. One test our team uses to diagnose shoulder injuries before shoulder pain treatment is the empty can test. 

Why do we use the empty can test before shoulder pain treatment?

At Border Therapy Services, our team takes the guesswork out of your shoulder pain treatment. We’ve seen that guessing at what part of your shoulder is injured only makes therapy less effective and more time consuming. In fact, the shoulder joint contains three bones, four ligaments and a variety of muscles, which can make it difficult to pinpoint your injury. This is why our team uses several tests to figure out what part of your shoulder is injured before we begin your treatment. 

One test we use before beginning your treatment is the empty can test. This type of shoulder test is also known as the Jobe test, and it specifically targets the supraspinatus muscle and ligament in your shoulder. To perform this test, one of our therapists will ask you to raise your arms so that they’re parallel to the floor and slightly in front of you. Next, we’ll have you rotate your arms inward until your thumbs are pointing down at the floor. When you do this, it looks like you’re pouring out a can of soda, hence the popular name of this test. Finally, our therapist will place a light, downward pressure on your arms and ask you to push lightly against the pressure. If your supraspinatus muscle or ligament have been injured, then you’ll feel pain or discomfort on your injured side when you resist against the pressure. 

Once we know exactly where your shoulder is injured, we can help you find ways to treat your injury. In fact, we can get you started on your tests and treatment very easily. For instance, we offer a free screening to help you get your shoulder tested for injuries. After your tests, we’ll work to help you reduce your pain and improve your shoulder function in follow-up appointments and through do-it-yourself home therapy programs. All you have to do to get started is contact one of our El Paso or Horizon City, Texas or Las Cruces, New Mexico locations now to schedule your free shoulder pain treatment assessment.