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Six benefits of physical therapy in El Paso, TX

Physical Therapy Benefits

Is long-lasting pain or a sudden injury keeping you from enjoying physical activities or getting through normal daily tasks? It may be time to think about physical therapy. 

Physical therapists are licensed health care professionals who specialize in many natural techniques for treating chronic pain and acute injuries. So, you may be wondering, why choose physical therapy instead of medications or surgery? Take a look below at six of the benefits of physical therapy that can help you make a decision.

Six benefits of physical therapy

  1. Physical therapy reduces pain — One of the main goals of many physical therapy treatments is to reduce the pain that’s affecting your quality of life. Therapeutic exercises and stretches and manual therapy techniques help reduce tension and pressure that contributes to pain in injuries and chronic conditions. Many of these exercises and techniques would be difficult to perform on your own, but they’re possible with the guidance of a physical therapist.
  2. Physical therapy improves your range of motion — Therapeutic stretches and manual therapy techniques also help improve the range of motion in your joints. This is helpful for people with conditions like arthritis or tension that keeps them from fully straightening or bending their joints.
  3. Physical therapy can help you avoid surgery — Doctors may recommend surgery if your condition reaches a certain point of severity. It may be helpful for you at this point, but surgery comes with many risks and painful side effects. Physical therapy can improve your condition to where surgery may not be necessary.
  4. Physical therapy improves your recovery after surgery — If surgery is necessary, you should still look to physical therapy for your recovery. Physical therapists help reduce pain and improve your range of motion while recovering. They also help you regain balance and can break down scar tissue that may try to develop while you recover.
  5. Physical therapy reduces your dependency on medication — Medications with opioids can cause many unwanted side effects and addiction. Physical therapy can improve your condition to where it may not be necessary to take as many medications or any medications at all, so you can avoid these consequences.
  6. Physical therapy helps prevent future pain — Treating pain is great, but wouldn’t it be better to prevent it from happening in the first place? Physical therapy can help improve the condition of your body to help prevent painful conditions from developing in the future, so you won’t need treatment for pain.

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