Sports injury treatment in Horizon City, TX

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are an inevitable risk of playing the games we love. Athletes of all ages and skill levels will eventually suffer some kind of sports-related injury. While there are some steps you can take to help minimize injury risk, physical therapy is an effective tool to help you get back in the game if you do get hurt. The Horizon City, Texas office of Border Therapy Services can provide sports injury treatment for athletes in our area.

What causes sports injuries?

While the exact causes of sports injuries are as varied as the sports we play, there are some risk factors that can make you more likely to sustain an injury:

  • Not warming up — Stretching or other warm-up exercises like jumping jacks help prepare the body for exertion by improving blood flow and circulation. Muscle strains and pulls are much more likely to occur if you skip the warm up.

  • Fatigue — When the body is tired, movements can become sluggish and technique degrades. We are often coached to play through pain or fatigue, but our bodies will eventually reach a point where the chance of injury increases greatly.

  • Overuse — In sports with a lot of repetitive motion, injury due to overuse can be a major concern. Tennis elbow, shin splints and tendonitis are all overuse injuries due to a slow buildup of inflammation.

In addition to these risk factors, there is also the possibility of suffering acute trauma, especially in contact sports like football and hockey. Concussions, separated shoulders and broken bones are all possible acute trauma injuries.

How can sports injury treatment help?

Athletes who suffer sports injuries want to get better and back to action as soon as possible. Physical therapy can help with a personalized treatment plan based on your needs and goals.

Treatment on the injured area focuses on restoring range of motion and mobility. In addition, by strengthening the muscle groups around the injury, you can increase stability and reduce future injury risk.

If you have recently suffered a sports-related injury, contact the Horizon City, Texas office of Border Therapy Services to schedule your first appointment.