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Bob O.

I experienced a wonderfully effective, successful development from October 2014 through today with the rigor, expertise, skills, coaching, support, attentiveness, and compassion of Crista and J.J. (who I worked with 98% of the time), and I also enjoyed and benefited from interacting with all the staff. The atmosphere and environment was always professional and very conducive to working hard and developing what needed to be addressed. The chemistry was great among the personnel, and I always looked forward to being here even though it usually involved a great deal of pain and effort. I truly am going to miss J.J., Crista (and our talks and dialogues) and the workouts. They have been tremendous and “on target” with my ‘stiffness’, ‘my pain’, and ‘my restrictions’. It is one of the best experiences and interactions I have ever done for myself! I am very grateful to both of them, to the VA and to my doctors for directing me here. Good Job Border Therapy! Thank you so much!