The Best Place for Shoulder Pain Treatment in El Paso, TX

Best Place for Shoulder Pain Treatment

If you need shoulder pain treatment in El Paso, Texas, then physical therapy may be the answer that you’re looking for. But, only a highly experienced physical therapists can provide you with the most effective therapy for your shoulder.

The experienced physical therapists at 4242 Hondo Pass Drive, Suite 110 at Border Therapy Services is here to help you with all of your physical therapy needs.

We know that one single physical therapy method isn’t likely to fix your shoulder issue. That’s why we’ll create a shoulder pain treatment program for you that includes several treatment methods.  

Therapy methods we may use in your shoulder pain treatment plan

Shoulder pain treatment can be something you need for a variety of different reasons. At Border Therapy Services, we completely understand this fact. It’s why we use testing procedures to figure out what your shoulder issues are so we know how to best treat your condition.

One of the pieces of testing equipment that we may use to help narrow down your condition is a goniometer. This testing device will help us measure the range of motion and strength of your shoulder.

Another preliminary shoulder test that we may use is the Yergason’s test. This test allows us to check for inflammation around the place where the bicep muscle attaches to your scapula. Inflammation in this area may mean you have bicipital tendinitis. 

A third test that our team of physical therapists may use in your preliminary screening is the empty can test. With this test, we can check for injuries in your shoulder muscles and tendons that may be causing your shoulder pain.

Each of these preliminary tests will allow the Border Therapy Services team to test for a different shoulder issue. Once we know which issue you have, we can then build you a customized shoulder pain treatment plan. Some of the physical therapy methods we may use in your treatment plan include:

  • Joint mobilization
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Electrical stimulation therapy
  • Active and passive shoulder exercises

Each of these therapy methods can be very helpful on its own, but the particular combination of methods that Border Therapy Services creates for you can help you the most. Indeed, our shoulder pain treatment plan may even help to reduce the amount of time your shoulder is injured.

Contact us at our 4242 Hondo Pass Drive, Suite 110 location in El Paso, TX to begin your shoulder pain treatment now.