Techniques used in back pain and sciatica treatment in El Paso, TX

Techniques in Back Pain & Sciatica Treatment

Back pain and sciatica can affect more of your normal daily tasks than you might think. Walking your dog. Dressing yourself in the morning. Working on reports at work. These and many other tasks can be harder to accomplish when your back hurts.

It’s not even that uncommon for people to experience back pain. Medical research shows that back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Finding an experienced physical therapist is critical when you need back pain and sciatica treatment in El Paso, Texas. Indeed, only a highly experienced physical therapy team can help you find the most effective forms of treatment for these issues. 

Some information you should know before you start back pain and sciatica treatment

There is some information you should know before you begin the therapy plan intended to reduce your symptoms. One thing you should know is that back pain and sciatica are usually caused by other issues affecting your lower back. Some of these issues include:

You should also know what the symptoms of sciatica are. This can help you know if you should get help. One sciatica symptom is lower back pain that radiates down your leg. Another symptom of this condition that you may notice is numbness in your legs or feet. Also, you may have trouble sitting down and getting up if you have back pain and sciatica.

Common back pain and sciatica treatment methods used by physical therapists

Back pain and sciatica treatment from a top-notch physical therapy team can include many different therapy methods. The goal of all these methods is the same: to help reduce the specific symptoms you’re experiencing.

Your physical therapist can design a treatment plan to help you no matter which underlying issue is causing your pain. Some of these physical therapy methods include:

  • Manual therapy — This technique involves your physical therapist using their hands to manipulate joints and mobilize soft tissue. 
  • Spinal stabilization — Your physical therapist can show you specific exercises to strengthen your back muscles. In turn, the stronger muscles can lead to a more stable spine. 
  • Aquatic therapy — This method takes place in a heated pool. It allows patients to benefit from natural characteristics of water, such as buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure. 
  • Functional dry needling — This is a technique where your physical therapist uses thin needles to create a twitch response in soft tissue. In turn, the twitch response can help reduce soft tissue tension. 

Border Therapy Services offers back pain and sciatica treatment in El Paso

Our Border Therapy Services team is ready to help you begin treatment for back pain and sciatica at our 2280 Trawood Drive clinic. To start off, we’ll have you come in for a free screening, which can help us learn the source of your pain. Our physical therapists can then construct an individualized therapy plan for you that’s intended to reduce back pain.

Is this location too far away for you? No worries! Visit our locations page to find a clinic that’s closer to you. You can also try either a virtual therapy or an at-home care session from us. 

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