The top at-home, supplemental fibromyalgia treatment

Fibromyalgia Treatment

Physical therapy may be an effective fibromyalgia treatment for you. However, there are also things you can do at home to supplement the in-office treatment from your therapist. The most important thing you can do at home to help with your fibromyalgia symptom management is get enough sleep. 

At Border Therapy Services, we’ve been helping people in the El Paso and Horizon City, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico areas with many types of medical conditions. One thing we believe is that therapy is a partnership. It’s a relationship in which you and our therapists work together to help you get the greatest possible level of relief. This partnership is especially important when we work with you for your fibromyalgia treatment. 

The most important fibromyalgia treatment step you can take at home

Fibromyalgia treatment can be particularly difficult because this is a chronic condition with no cure. Our team is ready to work with you to create a partnership that’ll help you manage your fibromyalgia symptoms long term. The symptoms of this condition may be reduced by the physical therapy plan we create together. In fact, our therapy program may help to reduce your pain, improve your mood and help you sleep better. However, getting the best results in our office means that you’ll have to do your part at home, too. 

There are many things we may ask you to do at home to supplement your in-office therapy. But, there is one supplemental treatment that’s the most important of all. The most important way you can supplement your Border Therapy Services treatment program is to get enough sleep. 

Our team knows that the positive effects of sleep can’t be underrated. For one thing, it helps your body release the human growth hormone, which helps with muscle recovery. Your body also supplies extra oxygen to your muscles and other tissues while you sleep, which helps promote healing. Another hormone that your body releases during sleep is the hormone prolactin. This hormone is especially helpful for your fibromyalgia because prolactin has anti-inflammatory properties that may help to reduce your fibromyalgia pain. 

By making sure you get enough sleep each night, you may be able to successfully supplement your in-office treatment at home. 

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Our team is ready to help you find ways to manage your fibromyalgia symptoms. We even offer free initial assessments to get your management process started. To get started, you can come by one of our eight locations in the El Paso or Horizon City, Texas or Las Cruces, New Mexico areas. If you can’t drop by one of our offices today, that’s no problem! Just contact our team online or by phone to schedule your initial fibromyalgia treatment assessment.