Three reasons why stretches help reduce back pain in El Paso, TX

Back Pain Treatment

Our team at Border Therapy Services knows that back pain can be a serious, daily problem for people. We also know that doing a few stretches every day may help this pain in several ways. 

Border Therapy Services has been helping patients in El Paso, Texas with their physical therapy needs for years. We’re proud to have built strong relationships with the patients in our community. One reason we’re able to create such relationships is that we always listen to you. We make it a point to find out what your goals are for your therapy, and we work tirelessly to help you meet these goals. One condition that we can help you learn about and treat is back pain. 

Three ways stretching may help you relieve back pain 

Back pain is one of the most common reasons people come to Border Therapy Services in El Paso, Texas. Our team knows that pain in your back is no laughing matter, and we’ve seen people with pain ranging from mild to severe. Some of the back conditions that we’ve helped our patients treat range from spondylolisthesis to herniated discs. 

There are many treatment options we can offer you if you’re dealing with a back problem that’s causing you pain. However, one simple form of treatment that our team typically prescribes is back stretches. In just a few minutes a day, the back stretches we teach you may help bring you significant pain relief. 

One reason that stretches are so helpful for your pain is that they loosen tight muscles. When your back muscles are tight, the stiffness and inflammation can press on a nearby nerve and cause pain. Stretching your back muscles may help to relieve pain caused by the tightness of your muscles. 

Stretching also helps to promote blood flow in your back. This increased blood flow offers many benefits to your body, such as releasing pain-relieving hormones like oxytocin to your back more easily. Increased blood flow from stretching also helps your body reduce the inflammation in your back.

A third reason that Border Therapy Services prescribes back stretches daily is that it helps realign your spine. When your back muscles are constantly tight, they can pull your spine out of alignment. This misalignment can, in turn, lead to issues like herniated discs. Our team may be able to help you find some simple stretches that help you maintain a normal spinal alignment.

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Each of these three reasons shows why Border Therapy Services is so big on back stretches. However, you may be wondering how you can find out what these helpful back stretches are. Our team is ready to help you learn about the best stretches for your back. We’ll even help you learn how to do them properly to avoid making your pain worse. All you have to do is contact us today at one of our six El Paso, Texas locations to schedule your back pain relief therapy session.