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Three techniques that may be used in aquatic therapy in El Paso, TX

Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy is a form of physical therapy that takes place in a pool of water. It’s typically used in treatments for people who have a hard time exercising on land or who may be at risk for harm from a fall when exercising.

The environment of a pool of water helps support the body for better balance and cushions against falls. It also has a natural resistance to your movements that forces your muscles to engage. 

There are many techniques that physical therapists can use in your aquatic therapy treatment as part of a well-rounded rehabilitation program. Take a look below at three of the aquatic therapy techniques your physical therapist might use in your treatment.

Three aquatic therapy techniques

  1. Bad Ragaz ring method — Don’t let the word “bad” fool you. The name for this technique actually comes from the Bad Ragaz thermal pools in Switzerland. The Bad Ragaz ring method introduces patterns of resistance and positions that improve your endurance. This technique is usually used to help improve the strength, flexibility and coordination of your muscles.
  2. Aqua running — Running is a good form of exercise for improving your cardiovascular health, but it’s hard on your joints and can be difficult if you have trouble balancing. Physical therapists can guide you through aqua running, which is an aquatic therapy technique that has you jog in a pool using a flotation device to provide additional balance.
  3. Therapeutic exercise — You’ll need to perform specific therapeutic exercises for improving your strength and flexibility depending on your condition. In aquatic therapy, physical therapists can adapt the exercises you would normally perform on land to take place in a pool of water. This may include the use of water weights to provide additional resistance for improving the quality of your muscles.

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