Tips for treating shoulder pain at home

caring for shoulder pain

The shoulder is a very complicated joint made up of many muscles, tendons and ligaments that work together to help you operate your arm. It can be painful and difficult to use your entire shoulder when just one of these tissues is affected by an injury or condition.

In some situations when your shoulder is in pain, you may need assistance from a licensed health care professional, like the physical therapists at Border Therapy Services. However, in cases of minor shoulder pain, you may not need much more than a few days or rest and home treatments.

Here are a few tips for treating shoulder pain at home if you feel that your shoulder pain is minor.

Four tips for taking care of shoulder pain at home

  1. Rest — Strain and overuse are common sources of shoulder pain. If you notice your shoulder is getting sore after an activity, take a break for a couple of days to let your shoulder recover. 
  2. Ice and heat — Icing your shoulder can help reduce inflammation that may be causing pain. Apply ice two or three times a day for about ten minutes. After a day or two of icing, you can apply heat as well to help soothe the pain. 
  3. Stretch and exercise — Stretching and exercising can help promote faster healing of the damaged tissue and help keep the other muscles, ligaments and tendons fit. Talk to your doctor or a physical therapist about exercises and stretches if you’re not sure which ones are right for you. 
  4. Medicine — Over-the-counter pain medicine and anti-inflammatory medicine can help reduce shoulder pain while your shoulder recovers. Talk to your doctor about medication to find out what is right for you.

Contact Border Therapy Services for shoulder pain treatment

After a few days of these home treatments, you should notice your shoulder pain start to decline. However, in cases of serious shoulder pain, these treatments are not enough. Pay attention to the severity of the pain, how long it’s lasting and other symptoms, like numbness or immobility, to know when you should seek professional help.

The physical therapists at Border Therapy Services can help you reduce shoulder pain and regain lost strength and immobility. Contact us today if you’re suffering from shoulder pain and are ready to get started on your recovery with us.