Trusted physical therapy in El Paso, TX

Physical Therapy

When searching for physical therapy in the El Paso, Texas area, you want to be able to trust the therapists who are rehabilitating you. Recovering from injury is hard. It can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. The Redd Road office of Border Therapy Services is committed to helping our patients and showing why we are one of the most trusted m practices in El Paso, Texas.

Experienced therapists

The physical therapists of Border Therapy Services have combined over a century of experience. With more than 30 credentialed therapists on staff, a wide range of treatments are offered to aid in our patient’s recovery. Many of our therapists have earned advanced degrees and have certifications in specialized treatments such as:

  • Myofascial release or trigger point therapy
  • Dry needling
  • Kinesio taping
  • Neuro Integrative Functional Rehabilitation and Habilitation (Neuro-IFRAH)
  • Vestibular and balance training

Knowledgeable therapists with diverse specializations ensure that you receive effective and trusted physical therapy care.

Ties to the community

Border Therapy Services has strong ties to the El Paso area. Many of our physical therapists graduated from the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP). Several therapists have received post-graduate degrees from UTEP as well. With strong roots in the community, we are committed to providing care you can trust in a professional and respectful manner.

Scheduling physical therapy treatment with Border Therapy Services

Physical therapy is an effective tool to help patients recover after injury or surgery. The benefits of physical therapy are numerous. Recovery time is shortened in patients who stick to their treatment plans versus patients who do not seek treatment. Range of motion, stability, strength and bodily function are all improved with physical therapy, which can help reduce the risk of future injury.

A trusted physical therapist will work with you and listen to you in regard to your concerns and treatment goals. We will develop a personalized plan for your specific needs. If you are considering physical therapy in the El Paso, Texas area, contact us today to set up your initial appointment and discuss your treatment options.