Two migraine physical therapy techniques in Horizon City, TX

Migraine Physical Therapy

Migraine headaches are the third most common illness in the world according to the Migraine Research Foundation (MRF). If you have frequent migraines, you may have a problem with your neck, and a physical therapist may be able to help treat your neck issue. In fact, there are two physical therapy techniques that are commonly used to treat migraines in Horizon City, Texas.

1.   Soft tissue mobilization

One neck problem that may be causing your migraines is tense neck muscles. The tension in these muscles may be the result of scar tissue or adhesions. Factors like car accidents or impacts from playing sports can injure your neck muscles. When muscles are injured, scar tissue often develops in the injured area. 

These adhesions are a problem because they make it harder for neck muscles to move normally. They can also cause extra tension in these muscles, and both restricted movement and increased muscle tension can lead to migraines. Soft tissue mobilization can help break up adhesions with specific movements performed by the hands of a physical therapist. In turn, the breaking up of scar tissue can help decrease the frequency of your migraines. 

2.   Cervical spine stabilization

Your neck is also called the cervical spine. Injuries and medical conditions can cause the neck to become unstable. When your neck is unstable, the possibility of frequent migraines may be much greater. Cervical spine stabilization is a physical therapy designed to improve the stability of your neck.

This therapy technique uses several types of therapy exercises and stretches. For example, range-of-motion exercises are included in spine stabilization, and they help improve how much you can move your neck. Strengthening exercises are also used in this therapy technique. These exercises help increase the strength of neck muscles that support your cervical spine. Specific stretching exercises are also included in spine stabilization. These are intended to help relieve tension in neck muscles. The combination of exercises and stretches in cervical spine stabilization can increase the stability of your neck. They may also help reduce the number of migraines you have. 

Border Therapy Services offers high-quality physical therapy for migraines in Horizon City, TX

At our Horizon City clinic, our Border Therapy Services team has experience helping patients with migraines caused by neck issues. We will perform a one-on-one evaluation to figure out what neck problems are causing your migraines. Our team will then build you a personalized treatment plan, and this plan will be designed to provide benefits such as: 

  • Decreased neck pain
  • Improved mobility
  • Reduced migraine frequency

Are you ready to take the next step to find relief from frequent migraines? Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an appointment.