Two reasons to seek sports injury treatment for tennis elbow

Sports Injury Treatment

At Border Therapy Services, we’re experienced at using sports injury treatments to heal many types of sports injuries. Tennis elbow is one injury that may benefit from our treatment plans.

Two ways our sports injury treatment may help your tennis elbow

Our staff at Border Therapy Services is proud to help many athletes with sports injury treatment. One type of injury our team often sees is tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a condition caused by repetitive racket motions you make while playing tennis. This condition is worsened further by the strain of the ball hitting your racket and the strain of returning your opponent’s volleys. When you play tennis often, the repetitive movements and strains this sport places on your elbows may cause you to develop several symptoms. These symptoms include things like pain and inflammation in your wrist, forearm and elbow. Tennis elbow symptoms are commonly treated at home with ice and rest. 

We have many therapies that target pain and inflammation that may help you recover from tennis elbow faster. For instance, our team may use electrical stimulation in your tennis elbow treatments. Electrical stimulation may help improve the circulation of blood to your injured wrist, forearm and elbow muscles. The improved circulation may, in turn, help to relieve the pain and inflammation of your injury. We may also use therapies like thermotherapy and dry needling to help reduce your pain and inflammation. 

The second way our team may be able to help your tennis elbow is to help prevent this injury from recurring in the future. Tennis elbow is often the result of improper hitting form. The improper form places additional strain on your muscles and joints, and this additional strain makes it more likely you’ll get tennis elbow again. However, Border Therapy Services may be able to help you avoid a recurrence of tennis elbow. Our team can perform an analysis of your hitting form, which will help you become aware of form issues. We can then develop a program to address form issues, and as a result, your tennis elbow may be less likely to return. 

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