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Two root causes of twisted ankle treatment in El Paso, TX

Twisted Ankle Treatment

In many cases, people who twist their ankle in El Paso, Texas, do so because they land wrong while jumping. This issue can also happen when another player hits or lands on your foot while you’re playing sports. While we commonly blame these external reasons for twisted ankles, there can also be an underlying reason these outside actions cause such an injury. In fact, there are two root causes that can result in you needing twisted ankle treatment. 

1.   Weak muscles

There are many muscles that support your ankle and help this joint move. However, weakness in these muscles can make it more likely you’ll need twisted ankle treatment. This is because weak muscles can give the foot an outward tilt, and this position makes it easier to roll an ankle while jumping or moving on uneven surfaces. 

Physical therapists can help treat weak ankle muscles using stretches and targeted strengthening exercises, and these therapy methods can help stabilize your ankle. Stabilizing your ankle can both promote healing and decrease the likelihood that you’ll injure it again. 

2.   Tight muscles

On the other end of the spectrum, tight ankle muscles can also increase the likelihood of twisted ankle treatment. Tight muscles are a problem because they tend to make it harder to move joints. For instance, you may realize that you’re going to land badly when jumping, but tight muscles can prevent you from adjusting your ankle position in time. This can lead to a stint treating a twisted or sprained ankle. 

To help treat this root ankle injury cause, therapists can offer you manual therapy. This is a category of therapy where the therapist uses their hands to move the ankle through various movements you may not be able to do on your own. These movements are called joint mobilization, and they’re helpful for treating tight muscles and joints. Soft tissue mobilization is another manual therapy that can help with tight ankle muscles by relieving areas of tension in them. 

Border Therapy Services can help treat twisted ankles in El Paso, TX

With seven clinics in the El Paso area, Border Therapy Services is well placed to help treat your twisted ankle symptoms. We can also help you treat the root cause of your injury, and both forms of treatment come courtesy of our personalized therapy plans. These plans can offer treatment of both the root cause and injury symptoms because they’re built using therapy techniques such as: 

Are you ready to take the next step to treat your ankle pain and its root cause? Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an appointment.