What could cause a pulled middle back muscle in El Paso, TX?

Pulled Muscle in the Middle Back

Your back makes up a large part of your body, and it has three main sections. At the top, you have seven vertebrae in your cervical spine, which is commonly called the neck. Next, there are 12 vertebrae in the middle back or thoracic spine, and finally, you have five vertebrae at the bottom of your spine that form the lumbar region or lower back. 

The thoracic area of the back has many muscles running through it. Having a pulled muscle in the middle back can be painful and make it harder to do many normal daily activities. Physical therapists in El Paso, Texas, can help treat pulled middle back muscles. However, treating this problem effectively means knowing what caused it in the first place. 

Three factors that can cause a pulled middle back muscle

Physical therapy can be effective for pulled muscles in the thoracic section of the back. Your therapist is likely to ask you several questions about your injury. They’ll ask you about your pain level and other factors that could be affecting your back. Many times, such questions will point to a specific factor that led to your injury, but there are three factors that are commonly involved in a middle back muscle injury. 

  1. Car accident — This type of incident can commonly cause a back injury. The forces transmitted to the body during a car accident can overstretch muscles in the middle back. Severe muscle pulls from an accident can lead to partial or complete tearing of the muscle. 
  1. Sports — People who play sports are at higher risk of a middle back injury. High-impact sports like football or rugby can lead to a pulled middle back muscle. The repetitive motions used in sports like tennis and basketball can also cause this type of injury. The sudden twisting movements involved in hitting a baseball could also be the source of your pulled muscle.
  1. Work — Back muscle injuries can also be work related. Lifting heavy objects at work can cause a middle back muscle strain, especially if you’re lifting with poor form. Assembly line workers might also be doing repetitive movements that can lead to such an injury, and painters and construction workers are also vulnerable. 

Find help for your pulled middle back muscle at Border Therapy Services in El Paso

You shouldn’t have to deal with the pain of a pulled middle back muscle forever. Border Therapy Services has an expert physical therapy team in El Paso ready to help treat your pain. Our team offers complimentary screenings that can make it easier to begin your therapy. We also build personalized physical therapy plans to better meet each patient’s needs, and our plan often contain beneficial therapy methods like: 

  • Spine care and stabilization
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Manual therapy
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Kinesio Taping®

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