What El Paso, TX, patients should know about ACL tear treatment

What to Know About ACL Tear Treatment

A tear of the anterior cruciate ligament, or an ACL tear, is a very serious injury. This ligament sits on the front of the knee joint and helps connect the upper leg to the lower leg. Because of the amount of stress the ACL has to endure from basic movements like walking, running and  jumping, this ligament is very often injured, particularly from participation in high-impact sports such as basketball and football.

ACL tear treatment can take many different forms and surgery is very often indicated. Whether a patient undergoes surgery or not, however, physical therapy is almost always part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

If you’re an El Paso, Texas, patient seeking ACL tear treatment, the caring experts at Border Therapy Services are here for you. To help you better understand the ways a physical therapist can help patients overcome an ACL tear, take a moment to read this helpful and quick guide we’ve put together. As always, we welcome you to get in touch with us if you would like to learn more or you have any questions.

How physical therapists provide ACL tear treatment

One of the most important considerations for a patient receiving ACL tear treatment from a physical therapist is whether or not they have had surgery to repair the ACL. The recommended treatment can vary depending on whether physical therapy is being used as part of postsurgical rehabilitation or if the patient is undergoing physical therapy in an attempt to avoid the need for surgery.

While specific treatments may vary according to this and other factors, here are some of the common steps for the physical therapy process to treat an ACL injury:

  • Physical assessment to analyze posture and painful movements
  • Discussion of symptoms and previous treatments attempted
  • Recommendations for therapeutic methods such as manual therapy, stability exercises, strengthening exercises and aquatic therapy

At any stage of the ACL tear treatment process, a physical therapist can also give you instructions on the proper application of hot and cold treatments and how to safely perform exercises on your own.

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