Treatment options for back pain and sciatica you’ll find in El Paso, TX

Benefits of Back & Sciatica Treatment

Living with back pain and sciatica is no fun. They can keep you from playing with your kids or grandkids. They can make taking a shower a painful exercise. They can even make it harder for you to make it through your workday. 

The odds are good that either you or someone you know is dealing with back pain and sciatica — it’s reported that more than 31 million Americans are living with lower back pain at any given time. One effective form of back pain and sciatica treatment you should consider is physical therapy. To get all the possible benefits of physical therapy, though, you’ll need a physical therapist who knows the most effective treatment techniques.

What could be included in your back pain and sciatica treatment?

Back pain and sciatica treatment plans can use many different treatment methods for your symptoms. But your physical therapist wants to help you find the therapy methods that benefit you the most. To accomplish this goal, they may include several specific forms of therapy in your treatment plan.

  • Manual therapy — One of the therapies that can be used in your plan is manual therapy. This is a category of therapy techniques that your physical therapist uses their hands to perform. Manual therapy techniques often focus on mobilizing painful joints. They can also help ease tension in soft tissue. 

Medical research shows that manual therapy can be very beneficial for patients with back pain and sciatica. Researchers from one study report that it helped:

  • Reduce local back pain by 22%
  • Decrease radiating back pain by 35% 
  • Aquatic therapy — This form of therapy takes place in a heated pool. It can involve doing stretches to target stiff back muscles. This technique can also include doing exercises to strengthen the abs, glutes, legs and back. Studies report that aquatic therapy can significantly benefit people with back pain. One study reveals that more than 90% of patients who used it for six months had significant improvements in their symptoms.

Border Therapy Services in El Paso is ready to help you find beneficial back pain and sciatica treatment

Not sure where to turn for beneficial back pain and sciatica treatment? Our team at Border Therapy Services in El Paso can help you find the treatment you’re looking for. We offer free screenings to pinpoint the source of your symptoms. Our experienced physical therapists can also build you a personalized therapy plan that’s intended to offer benefits like:

  • Helping you reduce your level of pain
  • Allowing you to perform daily tasks more effectively
  • Improving your core strength and posture
  • Decreasing your risk of future back pain and sciatica

Want to get these benefits without in-person therapy sessions? Our team can still help you! We offer several therapy services that are specifically designed to be used from your home, including at-home care and virtual therapy sessions. 

Contact us today for more information about our beneficial physical therapy services or to schedule your initial appointment.