Your posture and chronic headache treatment in El Paso, TX

Chronic Headache Treatment

Chronic headache treatment may be necessary for many reasons. Border Therapy Services knows that one reason you may need this treatment is because you have poor posture. 

We have provided high-quality physical therapy to the residents of El Paso, Texas for years. We have many patients return to us over and over again. This success with our patients is founded on our belief that you’re an equal partner in your therapy. It’s this belief that drives our staff to ask about your therapy goals and help you get the information you need about your treatment. 

One of our most common services is our chronic headache treatment. Chronic headaches affect many adults, and can be debilitating. Our treatments can help address the core cause of our chronic headaches, with the goal of reducing the pain and frequency of these occurrences. 

How poor posture leads to chronic headache treatment 

Our team at Border Therapy Services knows there are many factors that could be causing your pain. For instance, you may be a victim of poor posture. 

Chronic headaches are often the result of neck issues, and poor posture may be the root cause of your neck issues. For example, your job may keep you bent over your desk and keyboard all day. This hunched posture can lead to a shortening of your chest muscles. When your chest muscles are always tight, they place extra stress on your neck, which can easily lead to chronic headaches. 

Luckily, we can help you create a treatment plan to address poor posture. One aspect of this plan may be therapeutic stretches that help return your chest muscles to their normal length. This will, in turn, place less stress on your neck and make it less likely you’ll experience headaches. We may also use therapies such as electrical stimulation and dry needling to help relieve your chest muscle tension. 

By creating a plan with the right therapies for you, Border Therapy Services may help you to remove the ultimate cause of your chronic headaches. Our free initial assessments can help you figure out what physical therapy is right for your condition. We’ll be happy to schedule you an initial assessment. Just contact one of our six El Paso, Texas offices about chronic headache treatment today.