How to choose the right shoes to prevent knee pain

right shoes for knee pain

The proper footwear is usually not the first thought for patients who suffer from chronic knee pain. But the body is an interconnected system of muscles, tendon and bone, so what we do for our feet can affect our knees and hips. Border Therapy Services shares how to choose the right shoes to help prevent knee pain.

Choose a well-cushioned shoe

Though this may seem like an obvious solution, a well-cushioned shoe can do wonders for knee pain. They act as shock absorbers lessening the impact on our feet, knees and hips. Cushioned shoes can also help reduce the impact when walking or running on hard surfaces like concrete.

Avoid the high heels and pumps

Shoes that alter the positioning of the foot can place greater impact on the knee with every step. Stilettos and even more moderately heeled pumps can place extra strain on the knee. In addition, these shoes do not provide much cushion while working. If you have knee pain, save the high heels for another occasion.

Invest in orthotic inserts

Orthotic inserts can be added to shoes to make them more comfortable and provide better support. They can also help hold the foot in position to keep from walking with inward rotation (pigeon-toed). While many stores sell orthotics, a custom fit orthotic created by a podiatrist will see the best results in combating knee pain.

Stick to athletic shoes

Unfortunately, most stylish shoes are not made with the goal of comfort in mind. If you are having trouble finding a comfortable shoe, then you may want to stick to athletic or running shoes. These type of shoes have the cushioning and soles that provide better shock absorption for knee pain.

Physical therapy for knee pain

If you still experience knee pain even after changing your footwear, physical therapy may be your next step. The physical therapist will evaluate you on your first visit to determine the source of your pain and make recommendations including changes to your footwear. If you experience chronic knee pain, contact us today to set up your free 15-minute screening.