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I fell on my shoulder and it hurts to raise my arm: What do I do?

Fell on Shoulder Hurts to Raise Arm

The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in your body. It can move up, down, forward and backward, but all this mobility comes with a price: instability. In turn, the instability of the shoulder joint makes it a prime candidate for an injury. 

Researchers estimate that shoulder pain is very common with up to 70% of people experiencing it in their lifetime. Falling on your shoulder is one way to develop shoulder pain, and injuries to the rotator cuff and other shoulder structures can make lifting your arm painful after a fall. Dealing with your injuries and pain will typically involve three basic steps. 

Three basic steps for an arm that hurts when raised after you fell on your shoulder

Falls are an accident that happens a lot, especially among older people, and it’s estimated that more than 25% of older people fall every year. However, less than half of these fall victims report their accident. No matter how old you are, there are three basic steps you should take if you fell on your shoulder and it now hurts to raise your arm: 

  1. Go to the doctor — The first step you should take when you fall and hurt your shoulder is to go see your doctor. By doing so, you can find out what type of injury you have. Your doctor can also help you learn how serious your injury is, and they’ll be able to help you figure out what other treatment steps you’ll need to take as well. 
  1. Rest — Resting your shoulder is another important treatment step. This gives your body to start healing your shoulder injury naturally. It’s especially important that you avoid playing sports that involve shoulder movements. You might also need to avoid work-related movements that involve your shoulder. Check with your doctor or physical therapist to ensure you’re resting your shoulder enough. 
  1. Attend physical therapy — Another treatment step you should take for shoulder pain is to see a physical therapist. These specialists can help you reduce your pain and other symptoms. They’ll also work with you to restore the normal range of motion in your shoulder. One medical study reports that about 60% of patients who had physical therapy for rotator cuff tears had significant improvements in shoulder function. 

Border Therapy Services can help reduce how much it hurts to raise your arm after falling on your shoulder

Have you recently fallen on your shoulder and are now feeling pain when raising your arm? Our physical therapists at Border Therapy Services are primed to help you. We offer complimentary screenings that are designed to pinpoint the source of your shoulder pain. Our team also excels at building personalized treatment plans for many types of shoulder injuries and issues. 

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