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Three benefits of aquatic therapy near me in El Paso, TX

Aquatic Therapy

Water is essential to life, and it makes up a large part of the human body. What many people may not know is water can also help treat injuries and medical conditions. Aquatic therapy is a physical therapy method that takes advantage of the natural benefits offered by water. There are three benefits in particular that you could get from aquatic therapy near you in El Paso, Texas. 

1.   Buoyancy

One benefit offered by aquatic therapy is that it places less strain on the body, and this is because of the natural buoyancy of water. Buoyancy is the force that pushes upward on your body when you get into a pool or lake. This force also works to counteract the force of gravity pushing down on you while you’re in the water. By reducing the force of gravity, water’s buoyancy also helps to reduce stress on the body, and this can make it easier and less painful to perform physical therapy exercises. 

2.   Resistance

Water also offers a natural resistance that is utilized during aquatic therapy sessions. Think about the last time you tried to walk through water. It is harder than walking on dry land, and this is because you have to move the water aside as you move. The resistance of water is an important part of aquatic therapy. It allows patients to perform therapy exercises without the weights and other equipment that would be required on land.

3.   Hydrostatic pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is a third characteristic of water that benefits patients who use aquatic therapy. You may have noticed that you feel a slight pressure pushing in on your body when you get into the water. This is hydrostatic pressure, and it’s beneficial because it can help support your body. By supporting your body, this pressure helps increase your stability while doing therapy routines, and it may also help increase your confidence in your ability to remain stable. 

Find aquatic therapy near you at Border Therapy Services in El Paso, TX

At Border Therapy Services, our seven El Paso clinics offer many physical therapy techniques. One technique we use for many of our patients is aquatic therapy. Our team will also include other helpful therapy methods in your personalized treatment plan, such as: 

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