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Three reasons you might have wrist pain with no swelling

Wrist Pain No Swelling

The wrist is one of the most used joints in the body. It allows us to turn doorknobs, type and bend our hands in many directions. However, most people don’t pay much attention to this vital joint until it starts to hurt. 

In some cases, wrist pain can occur without swelling, and physical therapists can help you determine why you’re feeling pain in this joint. In many cases, your symptoms could be the result of one of three common causes. 

These three causes could be the reason you have wrist pain with no swelling

There are certain people who are at higher risk of developing wrist pain without swelling. Sports players are often more susceptible to wrist injuries since sports often involve wrist impacts. They can also require repetitive wrist movements. Repetitive work movements can put you at higher risk for wrist pain as well. No matter whether your risk is high or not, your wrist pain could be caused by these three common issues: 

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) — Medical studies estimate that about 150 CTS cases occur per every 1,000 people annually. For some high-risk populations, more than 50% of people could develop this condition. This wrist issue occurs when the median nerve in the wrist becomes irritated or pinched. In addition to pain, CTS can also cause other symptoms, such as tingling or numbness in the palm and fingers. 
  1. Sprains — A sprain is an overstretching or tearing of a ligament, and this is one of the most common types of wrist injuries. One medical study reports that about 49% of all hand and wrist injuries are sprains. Wrist sprains are common in people who fall and catch themselves on their hands. Besides pain, this injury might also lead to swelling, bruising, and burning or tingling sensations. 
  1. Fractures — This injury involves the partial or complete breaking of a bone. In many cases, wrist fractures are caused by throwing out your hands to catch yourself when you fall. However, they can also be caused by an impact to the wrist while playing sports. Medical researchers report that about 10% of wrist and hand injuries are fractures. 


Find help for injuries that cause wrist pain with no swelling at Border Therapy Services

Feeling wrist pain is no fun even if it occurs without swelling. Our team at Border Therapy Services is ready and willing to help you treat your pain. Our clinics offer complimentary screenings, and these can help you find out the source of your pain and other symptoms. We can also build an individualized therapy plan designed to reduce your pain and speed up your recovery. 

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