Two torticollis exercises for adults you can try today

Torticollis Exercises for Adults

Have you ever woken up with your neck and head twisted or tilted to one side? Then you’ve likely had an issue called adult torticollis, and you’re far from the only one who’s had this condition. 

Medical researchers estimate that 90% of people will experience an episode of torticollis at some point in their life. In many cases, physical therapy can help reduce or relieve the symptoms of torticollis, and one way therapists meet these goals is with therapeutic exercises. There are two exercises in particular that adults with torticollis should try. 

  1. Head tilt

Adult torticollis is typically caused by overly contracted or tense neck muscles, and physical therapists often use range-of-motion exercises to help reduce the tension in these muscles. As a result of the decreased tension, your head and neck can be returned to their normal alignment. One adult torticollis exercise your therapist could use is the head tilt. 

Steps for performing the head tilt exercise

  • Start by sitting as upright as possible in a stable chair. 
  • Slowly tilt your head away from the affected side of your neck until you feel a stretch in the side of your neck. 
  • Hold this stretch for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Return your head to the starting position. 
  • Rest your neck for a few seconds. Then, you should repeat these steps until you’ve stretched the affected side of your neck five to 10 times. 
  1. Head rotations

Another range-of-motion exercise that can help adult torticollis patients is the head rotation exercise. Therapists recommend this exercise for several reasons. It helps lightly stretch the affected side of your neck, and the exercise can also promote improved head and neck positioning. 

Steps for performing the head rotation exercise

  • Begin by sitting with good posture in a stable chair. Your head should also be as level as possible and centered over your shoulders. 
  • Slowly rotate your head away from the affected side of the neck. 
  • Hold this position for two or three seconds, and then rotate your head in the other direction. 
  • Repeat the two- to three-second hold. 
  • Continue repeating these steps until you’ve rotated your head in both directions 10 times. Your goal should be to do three to five sets of 10 reps throughout the day. 

Border Therapy Services offers exercises and other treatments for adult torticollis

Are you looking for more exercises and treatments for adult torticollis? Our team at Border Therapy Services has got you covered. Our clinics offer complimentary screenings designed to assess how serious your torticollis is. Using information gathered from your screening, we can build you an individualized treatment plan intended to reduce your symptoms and improve your head and neck posture.

Take the next step to start getting our help with adult torticollis. Contact us today for more information about our torticollis services or to schedule your complimentary screening.