What conditions could be causing dull pain in my hip?

dull pain in hip

It’s normal to have sore hips every now and then. Maybe you went for a hike or sat at a desk for too long. In these scenarios, the hip pain is usually mild and goes away after a bit of rest. However, if you’re experiencing a constant, dull pain in your hip, you may have a condition that requires professional treatment.

Conditions that may be causing a dull pain in your hip

Dull pain in the hip can keep you from getting on your feet and enjoying your favorite activities, such as sports or playing with your children. Conditions that contribute to a dull pain in the hip can include:

  • Arthritis — Arthritis is a condition that causes the cartilage in your joints to wear down. When arthritis affects your hips, it can be felt at first as a persistent, dull pain. Eventually, the pain can grow worse and you will experience other symptoms, such as stiffness or a grinding sensation when moving your hips.
  • Bursitis — The tendons, muscles and bones are not supposed to rub against one another; this would be painful and cause constant irritation and inflammation. Thankfully, you have bursae in between them all to keep this from happening. However, overexertion or a traumatic injury can cause the bursae to become inflamed, which causes pain known as bursitis.
  • Tendinitis — Overusing the hip in physical activity or stressing it in an injury can cause inflammation along the tendons connected to it. This inflammation is known as tendinitis, and it can be felt as a dull pain or as a burning pain.
  • Sprains and strains — Strains and sprains occur when you overstretch or tear your muscles, tendons and ligaments. Strains and sprains vary in severity, sometimes being felt as a mild, dull pain for a few days, other times being felt as a more intense pain for weeks.

Visit Border Therapy Services today for dull hip pain treatment

At Border Therapy Services, our physical therapists can provide treatment that helps you manage and prevent hip pain. We always personalize our treatments to the needs of each individual patient using methods like:

  • Gentle exercises and stretches
  • Posture guidance
  • Hands-on therapy
  • Patient education

Are you tired of letting hip pain control your life? Let the Border team assist you in your recovery. Contact our team today for more information about dull hip pain or to schedule an initial appointment.